About Protea Collection Ltd.

Protea Collection Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Protea GY Diamonds ltd , who are regular members of the Israel Diamond Exchange.


The sale of gold and platinum jewelry embedded in diamonds with an emphasis on unique design, high quality finish, competitive prices and reliability.

Our company works with first-rate jewelry designers whose creativity and imagination enables our customers to turn their dreams into reality.

In addition, our company works with manufactures and engravers who are highly experienced and committed to a high quality finish of jewelry, which is a hallmark of our company. (“Protea Collection ltd”) is a Brand of PROTEA GY DIAMONDS LTD. The company’s offices are in Israel, South Africa, the United States and Europe. PROTEA GY DIAMONDS LTD. Buys rough diamonds from the mining companies and cuts and polishes them in their factories, allowing us to sell our diamonds at the best and most affordable prices, since we are the source of polished diamonds.

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Why buy from us?

Reliability, fairness, professionalism and high service awareness.


The company’s team includes professionals such as sales team, goldsmiths, checkers, quality control personnel and designers

We have a wide range of jewelry in unique designs, from vintage to contemporary designs.


We enable our customers to customize and personalize jewelry by choosing -size, type of shape, quality of the metal and quality of diamonds, as well as the possibility to design the jewel they dreamed of (drawing, sketch or picture) that become an existing and unique jewel.

We work with gemological certificates GIA &  IGL . If a client request’s any other certificate we can provide it for them.

What is a gemological certificate and what is the difference between the certificates can be read in the article on gemological certificates.

We, as members of the Diamond Exchange, are committed to the ethics of the Diamond Stock Exchange, including the proper disclosure of the diamond source and the customer’s knowledge of the types of diamonds. There are various types of diamonds – from natural diamonds dug from the depths of the earth to diamonds grown and / or manufactured and / or treated in the laboratory. We promises only natural dug diamonds directly from the source.


We do not trade in blood diamonds! And we are committed to the Kimberley Process (Conflict free diamonds-Kimberly Process).

The people behind Protea Collection Ltd:

Mr. Moshe Duek President and owner of the company Protea Diamonds (established in the early sixties in South Africa), member of the Diamond Exchange for more than 40 years.


Mr. Gabriel Duek, CEO of Protea GY LTD, has branches around the world and has been active in the Diamond Exchange since 2010. A full member of the stock exchange The Israeli Diamond Industry.


Mr. Ben Mansano CEO of Protea Collection Ltd has been active in the Israel Diamond Exchange since 2013 & has been a member of the South African Diamond Exchange for over 15 years

In every piece of jewelry our customers receive:


– 30 days full refund

– Renew jewel once a year for free

– Valuation certificate for insurance purposes